Yours truly: spring, 2018.

Absorbed in genealogy research since about the late 1990s. 

What can I say?  It’s fascinating, it’s a fun way to learn history — it makes history come aLiVe, quite frankly — it’s…

(gasp!) addictive! 





5 thoughts on “About

  1. My sister is also “hopelessly hooked” and discovered 2 weeks ago that Hans Herr is out 9th great-grandfather. So I guess that means we are somehow related to you, too. I have passed your blog on to her; she is on ancestry.com and I imagine she will contact you. My other sister is planning a road trip from TX to Lancaster County this summer to see where our ancestors lived. Ironically, my sister and I spent our summers at a camp in Lancaster County and always felt “at home” there. And we are delighted to know if a family connection to Andrew Wyeth, bc my mom was an artist and he was one of her favorites! Looking forward to finding out from my sister how we are related to you!
    Carol Grimm McColl

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    • Carol:

      I’m just getting back to blogging. What have you learned since you posted the above? I hAve done DNA testing through Ancestry.com, btw, so if your sister or you have also, maybe a relationship has shown?



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