The Elusive Life of Hans Herr

This blog post by Eric Christensen is such an e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t piece of writing and, represents such g-o-o-d research that nOt reblogging it seems [somehow wasteful? ridiculous? a mistake? etc.]. Thus I AM reblogging it and, with a note of THANKS!, and, appreciation to Eric for sharing all his hard work with myself and other Herr descendants [<- of which, by my quite unscientific estimate, I am thinking there must be gazillions, just by how many I’ve encountered?!].  UPDATE:  I am currently in “suspense mode” as to whether or not I am, indeed, a descendant:  stay tuned… 😮 😉

Eric’s Roots

One great challenge in genealogy is trying to make sense of conflicting records, knowing full well that one can never have a definitive, fully documented answer, but must instead make the most educated guess that can be deduced from the available information. Such is the case with my eighth great grandfather Hans Herr. There are not only disagreements over who is wife was, but also over his birth year, his immigration year, and the birth years of some of his children.

Portrait of Hans Herr This picture of Hans Herr comes from Theodore Herr’s “Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr,” and is said to come from a painting by John Funk.

I will start with a presentation of Hans Herr’s basic history, and then move on to the disputed facts of his life.

The Swiss Anabaptists

Hans Herr (also known as John Herr) was born in Switzerland. Most histories give his birth date as…

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