I am befuddled.


Or as one genealogy colleague and cousin “graphically” 😉 put it,

(Couldn’t-a said it better myself…)

WHAT what:  In a decade-&-a-half-plus of Buckner-surname genealogy research, I have only seen Methodist circuit-riding preacher Rev. Nixon S. BUCKNER‘s forename given as, “Nixon.”  Almost always followed by the mysterious “S.” middle initial which nobody [alive today anyway] seems to know for what stands.

Rev. Nixon S. (Oct. 11, 1840 Clark County, Illinois – Apr. 18, 1918 Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California; buried George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery, Yountville, Napa County, California), seventh [known] child of William Robert BUCKNER & Nancy EVANS.

But in doing my last blog post here, what did I find but, a FindAGrave.com memorial for Rev. Nixon under, “Capt Nickerson S Buckner.”[1]  With, sputter sputter, an Apr. 19, 1918, Momence Progress Reporter obituary for, “Rev. Nickerson Buckner:”

BUCKNER, Nixon S. (Obit.)_FAG, Momence Genealogy Corner

That’s odd, I thought…Minion at table full of research materials



Hmmm— ?

But then, what did I virtually stumble upon, today?!?

WHAT_giphyMore of the same for heavens sake.

I’m seriously surprised, quite confused.Minions, confused



See the screen shot below — the website, scribd.com, has a blurb next to the author’s book reading, “Copyright, All Rights Reserved,” so, I was at a loss how else to legally include it here —  from Veterans of the George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery, by Denise Ratterman Jackson:

BUCKNER, Rev. Nickerson (Nixon) S._scribd.com-Vets of the Geo C Yount Pioneer Cemetery, by Denise Ratterman Jackson [Copyright All Rights Reserved]

Veddy inneresting, verrry confusing…  (New fact, or, a mistake?…)


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2Veterans of the George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery, Denise Ratterman Jackson, “Rev. Nickerson (Nixon) S. BUCKNER,” at https://www.scribd.com , accessed July 18, 2016.