what a tangled tree got weaved, or, william robert buckner & wives nancy evans & elisabeth (betsy) spencer

William Robert BUCKNER [3]

(Revised July 17, 2016.)

William Robert BUCKNER (Aug. 26, 1808 Siler City, Chatham County, North Carolina[1] – Nov. 7, 1887 Clark County, Illinois[2]; buried Bailiff Cemetery, West York, Clark County, Illinois[1]), is a son of my 4th great-grandparents Elisha BUCKNER & Sarah Elizabeth STEELE, and thus, falls among my 3rd great-granduncles.

Nancy (EVANS) BUCKNER Grave Marker [4]

Uncle William Robt. married first, my 3rd great-grandaunt Nancy EVANS (Oct. 27, 1809 Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina – Oct. 2, 1852 Melrose, Clark County, Illinois; Bailiff Cemetery)[4], daughter of my Quaker 4th great-grandparents Benjamin EVANS & Rebekah WILLARD, on Dec. 10, 1829, in Crawford County, Illinois.[5]

He married second, on Mar. 8, 1853, in Clark County, Illinois[5], Elizabeth (Betsy) SPENCER (Dec. 16, 1828 Kentucky – Feb. 22, 1917 West York, Crawford County, Illinois; Bailiff Cemetery[6], daughter of Thomas SPENCER & Sarah [PRESTON?].

Nancy & William Robert had these 11 children together:

Col. Allen BUCKNER Grave Marker [7]

(i.) Col. in the American Civil War, 79th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Union allegiance, Methodist minister Rev. Allen BUCKNER (Oct. 8, 1830 Melrose, Clark County, Illinois – Nov. 9, 1900 Douglas County, Kansas; Oakwood Cemetery, Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas)[7].

Allen married first, on Nov. 14, 1850 in York, Clark County, Illinois, Emely HUNGERFORD[5].  He married second, on Aug. 26, 1856 in Shelby County, Illinois, Maranda Ellen WALLER[5];

Dr. Benjamin Franklin BUCKNER [8]

(ii.) Medic in the American Civil War, 62nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Union allegiance, Dr. Benjamin Franklin BUCKNER (Mar. 24, 1832 Clark County, Illinois – July 11, 1895 Texas; Cumby Cemetery, north of Chico, Wise County, Texas); married Dec. 23, 1852 in Clark County, Illinois, Dr. Rachel Belle KENDERDINE[9, 10];

(iii.) Harlan BUCKNER (Oct. 1, 1833 Illinois – )[10];

(iv.) Nancy Ellen BUCKNER (Apr. 24, 1835 Melrose, Clark County,  Illinois – 1905 Siskiyou County, California; Henley & Hornbrook Cemetery, Hornbrook, Siskiyou County, California); married first, Charles SHETLER Sept. 8, 1850 Will County, Illinois; second, about 1860, Arthur John HILT[1011];

Nancy Ellen (BUCKNER) SHETLER HILT, Circa 1895 [12]

Atty. William Henry BUCKNER Grave Marker [13]

(v.) Atty. William Henry BUCKNER (Jan. 26, 1837 [Per gravestone] – July 9, 1903 Momence, Kankakee County, Illinois[13]; Bailiff Cemetery)[14]; married, Aug. 26, 1858 in Clark County, Illinois[5], a 6th cousin of mine three times removed, Susan WILLARD, daughter of my Quaker cousin Cyprian WILLARD & his wife, Hannah HENDY;

(vi.) Elisha Evans BUCKNER (Dec. 1, 1838 Illinois – June 3, 1920 Ganeer, Kankakee County, Illinois[15]; Momence Cemetery (Plot: Block 8 lot 5), Momence, Kankakee County, Illinois)[16]; married, Jan. 1, 1862 Clark County, Illinois, Emily RALSTON[5];

Elisha Evans & Emily (RALSTON) BUCKNER [12]

Rev. Nixon S. BUCKNER [8]

(vii.) Corpl. in the American Civil War, 21st & 79th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiments, Union allegiance, Methodist circuit-riding preacher Rev. Nixon S. BUCKNER (Oct. 11, 1840 Clark County, Illinois – Apr. 18, 1918 Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California; George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery, Yountville, Napa County, California)[17]; married first, Aug. 25, 1869 Piatt County, Illinois, Mary E. McDOWELL[5]; second, Apr. 2, 1871 Hancock County, Illinois, Annette Clarissa (Nettie) HUSE[5];

(viii.) Pvt. in the American Civil War, 79th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Union allegiance, Enos BUCKNER (Sept. 22, 1842 Illinois – Aug. 3, 1898); married Rosella Caroline (Ella) HENDRICKS[10];

(ix.) Emily Jane BUCKNER (1845 Clark County, Illinois – Dec. 7, 1874 Hilt, Siskiyou County, California; Henley & Hornbrook Cemetery); married Charles Wesley (West) HILT[18];

Emily Jane (BUCKNER) HILT & Son Allen [12]

(x.) Newton BUCKNER (Aug. 30, 1847 Melrose, Clark County, Illinois – July 21, 1852 Melrose, Clark County, Illinois; Bailiff Cemetery)[19];

Laura Mary BUCKNER Grave Marker [20]

(xi.) Laura Mary BUCKNER (Jan. 11, 1850 Melrose, Clark County, Illinois – July 26, 1860 Melrose, Clark County, Illinois; Bailiff Cemetery)[20];

With second wife Elizabeth (Betsy) SPENCER, William Robt. BUCKNER had these four more children:

(xii.) James Henry BUCKNER (Aug. 12, 1854 Clark County, Illinois – Jan. 6, 1943 West Union, Clark County, Illinois[21]; Bailiff Cemetery)[21, 22]; who married, abt. 1879 Clark County, Illinois, my 2nd cousin three times removed, Florence DOLSON[10], daughter of James DOLSON & Minerva (Manervy; Minervy) BUCKNER, whose father Elisha is a brother to my 3rd great-grandfather Henry George BUCKNER;

James Henry BUCKNER [3]

(xiii.) Charles Newton BUCKNER (Feb., 1856 Clark County, Illinois – 1921 Clark County, Illinois; Bailiff Cemetery); married, Nov. 29, 1881, Elremetta May (Dolly) BURNER[23];

Charles Newton BUCKNER & Elremetta May (Dolly) BURNER’s Wedding Photo [3]

Matilda Alice (Alice; Sissy) (BUCKNER) RALSTON Grave Marker [19]

(xiv.) Matilda Alice (Alice; Sissy) BUCKNER (Nov. 15, 1858 Illinois – May 26, 1882; Bailiff Cemetery)[24] married, Feb. 22, 1881 in Clark County, Illinois, Prevo RALSTON[25].  Matilda was Prevo’s second wife.

Prevo married first, Mar. 15, 1868, in Clark County, Illinois[5], my 1st cousin four times removed, Angeline EVANS, another fellow descendant of my Quaker 4th great-grandparents Benjamin EVANS & Rebekah WILLARD; and, third, Alfreda UNKNOWN[10];

(xv.) Abraham Lincoln (Abe) BUCKNER (Apr., 1860 Illinois – Apr. 19, 1940 Paris, Edgar County, Illinois; Bailiff Cemetery), married my 7th cousin twice removed, Sarah Ellen WILLARD)[26].

Abraham Lincoln BUCKNER & Sarah Ellen WILLARD [3]

William Robert BUCKNER’s 2nd Wife Elizabeth (Betsy) SPENCER [3]

William Robert & “Elisabeth” (SPENCER) BUCKNER appear together in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census in York Township, Clark County, Illinois, occupation farming, the household composed of the couple and children Elisha 21, “Nickum” 20, Enos 16, Emily J. 13, James H. 6, Charles N. 4, & Matilda A. 1.[27-A]

The 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Illinois, records William Robert farming yet in York, Clark County, his household including wife Elizabeth and children James 16, Charles 13, Matilda 11 & Abraham 8. The value of his real estate is recorded as $1,300, personal estate $216. Right next door to William Robert in 1870 is son William Henry BUCKNER’s family.[27-B]

In the last U.S. Federal Census William Robert appears in, Melrose Township, Clark County, Illinois, occupation farming, his household includes himself, wife Elisabeth, and children Charles N. 24, Matilda A. 21, & “Lincoln” 19. Next door resides son James BUCKNER & his wife Mary.[27-C]

Where are William Robert BUCKNER, first wife Nancy EVANS, & their youngest chilluns in 1850?? I haven’t found them yet and I don’t see any other trees “out there” with that census inclusion. Please give a holler if you’ve found/find it. 😉


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