philip buckner of louisa co. va, & jane aylett his wife

About my 6th great-granduncle Philip BUCKNER, Sr. (circa 1705-’10 – 1762 Louisa County, Virginia Colony, America), son of my 7th great-grandparents Richard BUCKNER & Elizabeth COOKE:

Philip Buckner of Louisa County

“Philip BUCKNER was the second son of Richard Buckner, Clerk of Essex County, and Elizabeth [COOKE], his wife, and the grandson of John Buckner… His residence was in Louisa County where he died in 1762. He married Jane AYLETT, widow of Christopher ROBINSON and sister of John Aylett of King William County. This connection is proved by a deed dated 1767 from Jane Buckner of Orange County to William Hughes of Louisa, conveying part of a tract of land formerly belonging to Mr. John Aylett of King William County and by him left to Jane Buckner his sister.

“Philip Buckner’s will is dated July 14, 1761, and was proved Aug. 10, 1762. In it he mentions his wife Jane; son William, to whom he leaves land in Orange County; daughter Ann; son Thomas; daughter Mary; son Philip; daughter Elizabeth; son Aylett. It is probable that his children are given in the order of their birth:

“I. William BUCKNER of Spottsylvania County.
“V. Philip BUCKNER.
“VI. Elizabeth BUCKNER.
“VII. Aylett BUCKNER.”[1]

Philip Buckner’s wife, Jane AYLETT (circa 1705-’10 Fairfield Plantation aka Montville, King William County, Virginia Colony, America – 1787-’89 Virginia, USA) is widely presumed to be the daughter of Col. William[2] or, William Philip[3], AYLETT, Jr. (circa 1662 – 1728[3]), &, Anne TAYLOR.[23]

As regards Jane & Philip’s children,

  1. William BUCKNER married, abt. 1764 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia Colony, Sally Pendleton THOMAS (Abt. 1744 – )[2];
  2. Ann BUCKNER (abt. 1745 Spotsylvania County, Virginia Colony – abt. 1785 Edgefield County, South Carolina, USA) married, abt. 1768 in the Virginia Colony, William CONNER (abt. 1742 Pittsylvania County, Virginia Colony – )[2];
  3. Thomas (abt. 1747 – )[2];
  4. Mary (abt. 1749 – )[2];
  5. Philip BUCKNER, Jr. (Jan. 13, 1753 Louisa County, Virginia Colony, America – Mar. 15, 1819 Bacon’s Creek, Hart County, Kentucky), married, Oct. 27, 1789 in the Virginia Colony, Elizabeth WATSON[2];
  6. Jane (abt. 1754 – )[2];
  7. Elizabeth (abt. 1755 – )[2];
  8. Aylett (abt. 1757 – )[2]; &,
  9. Judith (abt. 1760 – )[2].

The Last Will & Testament of Philip BUCKNER, Sr., dated July 12, 1761, and, proved in Louisa County, Virginia, reads:

In the name God amen I Philip Buckner being week & C __ body but thenks be to almighty God sound & perfect __ [<- “mind” is my guess] doth make this my last Will in manner & form follo__ Give & be Luuve my sole to god who gave it in shore sertin hope of a Joyfule Resurection through Jesus __ our lord and as to my worldly estate I give & Devise __ Followeth that is to say to witt

“I give and Device to __ Loving wife Jane all my land Lying in Louisa County & the following slaves, Tom, Peter, Nend, Frank – Fullar, old Ester, Nelly, Sally to her & her heirs forever an__ one of the Plantation at the mountains which she she __ shale make choice of for her life time

“Item I Give & bequeath to my son William all that Tract of land Bought of Benj__ie Gryms Es.q lying on the Mounting in Orang County & Two slaves John the son of Fullor & Sam __ him & his hirs forever

“Item I give & Bequeath to my Daughter Ann one negro Garl namd Bett with her Increes for Ever

“Itam I give To my son Thomas one negro boy Nand John the son of Errow to him & his heirs forever

“Itam I give & bequeath to my Daughter Mary one negro Garl Namd Cold Little Bett with her Increes forever

“Itam I give & bequeath to my son Philip one negro boy namd Hary to him & his hirs forever

“Itam I give & bequeath to my Daughter Jane one negro Garl namd Nanny to her & her hirs forever

“Itam I give & bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth one negro garl namd Judy to her & her hirs Forever

“Itam I give to my son Aylett one negro boy Nand Solomon to him & his hirs forever

“Itam I give all the Remander of my Estate after my just Debts are paid to be Equally Divided between my Loving wife Jane all my Eight I constitute my __ Jane & my Good friende the Rev. James Murry & Doc.t Tho.s Walker my Exc.res & Exc.r Hicks July 14: 1761 Phil Buckner

“At a court held for Louisa Countyon the 10th Day of August 1762
“This will was this day presented in Court & it appearing to the Court that it was wrote by his own hand as several of the Members now here were well acquainted with his hand. It was admitted to Record & is Recorded
Teste Thomas Perkins Dep.ty Cl: curt.”[4]


1The BUCKNERs of Virginia and the Allied Families of STROTHER and ASHBY, 1907, edited by William Armstrong CROZIER; published privately for William Dickinson BUCKNER by the New York Genealogical Association:  Higginson Book Co. reprint, Higginson Book Co.: Salem, MA, page 41.

2. Utah State Senator E. LaMar Buckner (Apr. 27, 1922 Provo, Utah – Dec. 26, 2012 Utah) genealogy databases at and, RootsWeb; accessed July, 2006.

3. Wikipedia, “Aylett family of Virginia,” at , accessed July, 2016.

4. “Piedmont Virginia Digital History: The Land Between The Rivers,” Cheryl Holzbach, transcriber, “Louisa County Will Book 1746-1761,” at , accessed July 12, 2016:  “PHILIP BUCKNER,” Will Book 1, p. 51.

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2 Responses to philip buckner of louisa co. va, & jane aylett his wife

  1. The Wills put everything in perspective. What I marvel at most is how our ancestors had faith in God and the resurrection as so noted. Today, they will marvel at the notion of just the mere mention of God is offensive, and the country on a whole has taken God out of almost everything but the money. Thank you !

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  2. Shelley, I jUsT spotted your comment, and, LOL 😀 , I feel so bUsTeD! — Heeheehee 😀 , I accidentally hit “Publish” on this post earlier while still writing it, so I’ve been hastily-as-I-can 😀 making adds & editing over the past 30 minutes. Blush. Hope the version you read was relatively complete. 😉

    Y-E-S! — I so agree with you on old Wills. I intend to model my own one day on the “oldies.” I L-U-V them. ❤

    One Richard Buckner of Berkshire, England, in his Will dated Sept. 4, 1548, begins:

    "In the name of god amen The [4th] daie of September in the yeare of o{r} Lorde god a Thousande fyve hundreth fourtie and eight And in the seconde yeare of the Regne of Edward the Sixte by the grace of god of England ffrance and Ireland King defender of the faith and in the earth of the church of England and Ireland supreme hedd -I- Rychard Bucken{er} of the p{er}ishe of cumn{or} in the countie of Berk. sycke yn Boddy but sound in mynde makyng testament and last will in fourum and manner following/ ffirst I betake my soule to god, my body to the erthe…"

    My soul to God, my body to the earth… I just think that's lovely. 🙂


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