throwback thursday: what’s the model & year of this great old car, hey?

Great Old Car! 😉 — With, L.-R., Granville S. GREGER, Nell BUCKNER, & Euin SWYERS [1]

Just look at the running board on this old baby…  Luv luv luv. 🙂

Somehow I’m thinking Euin Aaron SWYERS (Sept. 24, 1907 St. James, Reynolds Co., MO – Feb. 27, 1974 Salem, Dent Co., MO[2]; buried Cherryville Baptist Church Cemetery, Crawford, MO)[3], on the right, may be the car’s owner, but that’s only my best guess.

Standing with Euin are my great-grandfather Granville Smith GREGER (Jan. 20, 1864 Vandalia, Owen, IN – Oct. 17, 1961 KS; Anderson Cemetery, McDonald Co., MO[4]) and, my paternal aunt, Nell Alta BUCKNER (Sept. 29, 1915 TX – June 26, 1976 Indianapolis, Marion, IN[5]; Resurrection Cemetery, St. Louis, MO[6]).

One relative reminiscenced of Aunt Nell’s 2nd husband, Euin, “…he turned out to be  mean as hell…  I don’t know how long they were married.  He came out to the farm one time looking for Ed [Aunt Nell’s twin brother] — he had a pitchfork in hand.  I told him Ed had gone to town.  It was a scary incident.”

1. Susan M. Buckner family photo.

2. Monte Kessler emails to me, Sept., 2003.

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