A 1st cousin six times removed from me, Avery BUCKNER (1775 Virginia Colony, America[1] – Abt. 1856 Georgia[2]), is the 5th child of Baptist minister Rev. Solomon Benjamin[6] or Benjamin[3] BUCKNER &, Sarah AVERY.[3][6]

Professional genealogist Jeannette Holland Austin writes in her book The Georgians: Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers, “Avery BUCKNER,…m. ca 1801 Mary DANIEL, dau. of Thomas DANIEL and Mary BARROW (dau. of John BARROW),… ISSUE:
⦁ “Sarah m. Wiley J. HARRIS 11/1823 Putnam Co.;
⦁ “Amanda m. Henry STRICKLAND 7/9/1823 Putnam Co.;
⦁ “Eliza [Elizabeth] m. Seaborn ELLIS 11/1/1832 Putnam Co.;
⦁ “Parham, b. 1817 m. Eliza Ann MIDDLEBROOKS, dau. of Alfred MIDDLEBROOKS and his w., Sarah ELLIS;
⦁ “Leroy m. Prudence CHAPMAN, dau. of Isaiah CHAPMAN and Prudence P. SLAUGHTER 7/6/1839 Monroe Co., Ga., [who] m. 2d, Richmond DAVIS, 12/24/1835, Putnam Co., Ga.”[3]

Omitted from Austin’s book are the ADDITIONAL ISSUE of:
⦁ Firstborn son Freeland BUCKNER[4][5][6] (May 8, 1802 North Carolina – Apr. 15, 1896 McCaysville, Fannin County, Georgia)[4][5], who married, Mar. 21, 1833, Nancy HARVEY[4][5] (Sept. 5, 1811 Georgia – Nov. 19, 1895 Fannin County, Georgia)[7], daughter of Evan HARVEY & Ursula JACKSON.[8]
Urania (Laurany)[4] or Lourana (Lourainy) BUCKNER[5] (Abt. 1814 – Jan. 3, 1887 Monroe County, Georgia)[4][5]; married Richard[4] or Richmond[5] DAVIS (1816 Georgia – ) on Christmas Eve 1835, in Georgia.[4][5]
Candis BUCKNER (Abt. 1824 Georgia – ); married Albert N. MIDDLEBROOKS May 18, 1837 in Georgia.[5]

PROPERTY–  Avery Buckner “owned 45 acres of land in January 1807 on the west side of Peeler’s Creek adjacent to the Solomon Benjamin Buckner and Jessee Buckner properties. Avery purchased this land from Hailey/Haley Tatum for $90.

“On September 8, 1807, Avery sold 78 3/4 acres of land on the west side of the Yadkin River to Hailey/Haley Tatum. The land was adjacent to the Jesse Tatum (Hailey’s father), Edward Yarbrough, and John Poyer properties.”[6]

An 1851 Georgia Property Tax Digest includes “Freeland,” “Leroy” & “Avery BUCKNER” listed one after the other, leading me to speculate that the record is for “this Avery.”  Avery shows to own six slaves; 262 acres “Oak and Hickory Upland,” “3rd Quality;” “Number of Lot of Fraction, District and Section,” “6,” “District;” “County Lands Lie In,” Monroe.[9]  (It’s extremely faint, or, I would include it here.)

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION– “Avery joined by letter dated 12 July 1839, pg 61 a Buckner Baptist Church of Christ at Smyrna GA, was a Mason, data from Tift Baptist College at Forsyth GA. Records from 1823-1889.”[5]

PROBATE of Avery BUCKNER’s Will occurred on Mar. 26, 1856 in Monroe County, Georgia, and for your viewing/reading/research pleasure are included here, jpegs of pages from the source indicated.[10]  (I’m happy to oblige if readers would like me to email them jpegs of the Will & probate pages below:  just make a request in this post’s comment section and I will respond pretty much forthwith. 🙂 )

Avery BUCKNER Will Probate (1of2) [10]

Avery BUCKNER Will Probate (2of2) [10]

Avery had siblings…
⦁ Freeland BUCKNER (Abt. 1767 – ).[4]
⦁ Tillman BUCKNER (Circa 1770 – 1810 Putnam County, Georgia); married, in 1803 Putnam County, Elizabeth FREENEY (1783 Maryland – ).[3]
⦁ Charles BUCKNER (Circa 1772 – 1817 Putnam County, Georgia).[3] Married (1.) Mary Clairborne BANKS; married (2.) on Apr. 12, 1863, Martha Jane GRIFFIN.[5]
⦁ Parham BUCKNER (Circa 1776 – 1843 Monroe County, Georgia); married Sarah DEVEREAUX.[3]
⦁ John BUCKNER (Circa 1785 – 1820 Putnam County, Georgia); married, on June 24, 1807, in Rowan County, North Carolina, Lucretia DANIEL.[3]
⦁ Henry BUCKNER.[3]
⦁ Daniel BUCKNER (Jan. 22, 1788 Rowan County, North Carolina – ); married Charlotte UNKNOWN.[3] Died Jan. 5, 1854 Baldwin County, Georgia.[5]

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