chauncey roscoe piety (52 Ancestors #6)

Theme, Week 6 (Feb. 5-11):  “so far away”

Say the phrase, “so far away,” and straight to my mind comes prolific composer Carole King’s song, “So Far Away,” the first few lines of the tune playing unbid in my head.

Just as quickly, one name comes to my mind when I think, “Composer,” of the kin in my own genealogy database:  collateral kinsman Chauncey Roscoe (C. R.) PIETY, a prolific hymn-writer and poet.

PIETY, C. R., hymn, Save Them If You Love Them-- hymnaryDOTorg


A 3rd cousin to me via my 4th Great-Grandfather Elisha BUCKNER (1777 NC-1826 IL), Rev. Chauncey R. PIETY (July 10, 1885 Walnut Prairie, Clark Co., IL-Apr., 1972 last residence Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL; buried Center Ridge Cemetery, Sullivan, Sullivan Co., IN) grew up in Illinois and Indiana, the eldest child of farmer Chauncey Rose PIETY (1856-1924) & Katharine (Katie) BENNETT (1865-1948).

Chauncey Rose PIETY farmed his whole life except for an adventure “prospecting without his family for one winter in the west.  He did not like the outlook and returned to his family and located at West York, Illinois, for awhile, and then moved northwest of Graysville, Sullivan County, Indiana, where he lived until his death at the age of sixty-eight.”[1a]

Rev. Chauncey Roscoe PIETY’s grandfather, John D. (Early) PIETY (1831-1906), “had a conscientious bent for religion.  During his young manhood he heard some preaching by the ‘Campbellites’ or Disciples.  After much thought he decided that their teachings were right and that he wanted to join them.  Some of his kinsfolk in Knox County, Indiana, sent him word that they were having a revival and wanted him to come.  He told of how he rode horseback from his home some forty or fifty miles to attend these services, where he joined the church.  A little later a Christian Church was built at Prairie Creek, [where Early lived], which he attended.  He was always loyal to his church and always read the Christian Standard.”[1b]

That his grandpa Early’s “conscientious bent for religion” influenced grandson Chauncey Roscoe to go into the ministry, seems likely.

On Aug. 10, 1908, in Sullivan Co., IN, Chauncey Roscoe married Effie Myrtle FULLER (1884-1949; Center Ridge Cemetery), daughter of George Nelson FULLER & Sarah Elizabeth THORNE.[2]

By the 1910 U.S. Federal Census of IL, Crawford Co., Oblong, Chauncey Roscoe PIETY’s occupation is noted as “preacher.”  His Sept. 12, 1918, World War I Draft Registration Card shows the medium height & build, gray-eyed, brown-haired C. R.’s occupation as minister of a church in Scottsburg, IN.[3]  Throughout the 1920 U.S. Federal Census of IN, Starke Co., Knox; the 1925 IA State Census, Dallas Co., Waukee; 1930 U.S. Federal Census, IL, Carroll Co., Flora Town; and 1940 U.S. Federal of IL, McDonough Co., Blandinsville, C. R.’s occupation is listed as minister or pastor.[4]

The Antioch Christian Church of Cantrall, IL, also lists  C. R. PIETY among “Ministers who have served the church as pastors.”[5]

Per the Lincoln Christian College and Seminary website, Chauncey R. PIETY’s first song was published by Hackleman Music Company in 1914, but they neglect to give that first song’s name.


One of Rev. C. R. Piety’s poems, “A Song To The Sangamon” was featured in the April, 1915, issue of Munsey’s Magazine.[6]  The poem was also included in Rev. C.R.’s 1917 book of poetry, “A Lot O’ Lovin’.”


“Silvery Sangamon,
Moving in majesty
Through the rich prairies of fair Illiois;
Nature hath honour done,
Lining thee royally
With her green grasses and blossoms of joy.

“Great is thy dignity,
Striving not, brawling not,
Wending thy busy way earnestly on;
Peacefully passing by
Mansion and farmer’s cot,
Solemn in shadow and smiling in sun.

“Great is thy usefulness,
Bearing the water back
When overflowing it threatens the grain;
Bringing thy boon to us,
Giving what cities lack —
Blessing of Heaven, we bless thee again!

“Historic Sangamon,
River that Lincoln knew,
We and our works all are passing away;
Still thou art flowing on,
Doing thy duty true,
Blessing our Illinois day after day.”

C. R. Piety

SANGAMON RIVER — “Description: Image of the Sangamon River in Illinois, southwest of Decatur Illinois. Date: October 2005 Source: Author: Douglas Grohne Permission: WikiMedia Commons License”

Rev. C. R. & Katie had these five children:
Harl Ovid (1909-1980), married Helen C. VANDEVEER (1911-1994);
Kathryn Sarah (1912-1986), married John Claude CATRON (1909-1979);
Portia (1914- ), married Ivan Newton SEIEBERT (1908- );
Mildred Effie (1916-1986), married Walter H. MILES (1911-1983); &,
Pauline (1918-1988).

I would so like to see a photo of Rev. C. R., but search as I did across the vast net — and I’m a pretty good finder of what’s out there if I do say so myself 😉 — alas & alack I found zip.  Camera-shy man?…  So, if any Piety descendants read this and have an image of the good reverend to share, I would be delighted to see it.



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2 Responses to chauncey roscoe piety (52 Ancestors #6)

  1. labwriter says:

    What a great post about Chauncey Roscoe Piety, and thank you for posting his poem about the Sangamon River. My ancestors were early pioneers in Sangamon County. His poem communicates not only how beautiful the river and the land must have been, but also the value the people must have placed on it, through their life and work. It’s lovely.


    • Susan says:

      Thank you! 🙂 My reaction too 😉 — doing the research & reading the poem made me want to visit the area. (Can’t wait ’til time machines are invented so I might do it “circa back then.” 😀 😉 )


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