my 5th great-quaker-grandmum, elizabeth jessop (52 Ancestors #4)

Theme, Week 4 (Jan. 22-28):  “closest to your birthday”

Which ancestor’s birthday is closest to my own of June 27?  Hmmm…

A pedigree chart going back far as 6th great-grands shows the closest in that group to be, my 5th great-grandmother, Elizabeth JESSOP, her June 24, 1731, birth recorded in the Perquimans Co., NC, Monthly Quaker Meeting at Piney Woods.[1]



Although Elizabeth was born & lived her life in Perquimans, her father Thomas JESSOP, Sr., emigrated to America from Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, England. “Thomas’ port of entry was apparently New Bern, North Carolina, in 1722, undoubtedly because his brother Joseph was already settled in Perquimans County. There is evidence that this migration through Virginia was the route Joseph took.”[2]

Thomas JESSOP, Sr. (Mar. 14, 1688 Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, England-Oct. 15, 1744 Perquimans Co., NC, America) married three times:
(1) May 13, 1710, Braithwaite in Yorkshire, England, to Rachel PEASE (Sept. 11, 1690 England-Apr. 18, 1720 England; buried Yorkshire, England), daughter of William PEASE & Ann (CARNALLY) PEARSON.
(2) Dec. 6, 1722/23, Perquimans Co., NC, Jane (CLARE) ROBINSON (Nov. 22, 1690-May 17, 1737), widow of Joseph ROBINSON, and, the daughter of Timothy CLARE & his first wife, Mary BUNDY.
(3) [Date unknown] Mary Ann (MARTIN) LACY, daughter of John MARTIN. Mary Ann married, first, [Unknown] LACY, and, third — for which she was disowned by the Society of Friends — Peter PEARSON, son of Peter & Rachel PEARSON.[2]

Thos. JESSOP’s occupation was linen weaver in England; in the colonies he became a planter.[2]

Great-grandma Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas & his second wife, Jane CLARE.[2]

Elizabeth had full siblings (1) Mary (Sept. 16, 1728 Perquimans Co., NC-aft. Dec. 3, 1744; married Joseph MUNDEN, Perquimans Co., NC); (2) Jonathan (June 27, 1733-?; married Rachel DRAPER); and, (3) Jane (?-Mar. 17, 1737).[2]

Via Thomas’ marriage to Rachel PEASE, Elizabeth had half-siblings (4) Timothy (June 16, 1711 Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, England-?); (5) Thomas, Jr. (July 10, 1715 Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, England-Dec. 13, 1783 “near New Garden Monthly Meeting,” Guilford Co., NC; buried New Garden Monthly Meeting Friends burying ground); and, (6) William (May 2, 1718 Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, England-?). Thomas, Jr., immigrated to America with his father; per William Jessup Cleaver’s “The Ancestry of Allen Grinnell Cleaver and Martha Irene Jessup — 172 Allied Families” (Baltimore, MD, Gateway Press, Inc., 1989), “There is no record of the two sons left in England.”[2]

Via her father’s marriage to Mary Ann MARTIN, Elizabeth had half-siblings (7) Enoch (ca 1740-aft. Dec. 3, 1765; married Mary PEARSON) and, (8) Jemima (ca 1742-?; married [Unknown] HASKET).[2]

On May 5, 1749, at the Piney Woods Monthly Meeting of Friends, Robert Evans (?-Jan. 6, 1797 Perquimans Co., NC[3]) was “liberated to marry” “Elesabeth JESSOP.”[4]  Robert married, 2nd, Lyddia Wilson, in either April or May of 1774 in Perquimans Co.[5]

I’m still working to primary-verify children of Elizabeth JESSOP & Robert EVANS, particularly, which children go with which mother. Robert EVANS’ Will dated Aug. 9, 1793, Perquimans Co., NC — Book E, p. 74 — references sons (1) Robert, (2) John, (3) Thomas, (4) William, (5) Benjamin [<- my 4th great-grandfather], & (6) Joseph; and, daughters (7) Miriam PEARSON, (8) Sarah WILLARD, and, (9) Mary LACEY.




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